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Wednesday, June 17th 2015, 1:06pm

Speed server

Speed server


Is your Gladiator never exhausted and constantly demanding more opponents, faster expeditions... simply more of everything? Then play on our brand new speed server 18 coming on the 23rd of June!

The new speed server has the following advantages:
  • More action: Shorter expeditions and dungeon run times
  • Faster growth: More frequent attacks in the arenas.
  • New challenges: Everything is faster, including the competition.
  • Speed: x2
  • Date: 23rd of June, 2015

Face off against even more enemies with your Gladiator in the arena!

Carpe diem!

Kind regards,
your Team



Tuesday, June 23rd 2015, 1:06pm

Speed server is live and active!

have fun playing!

-18:11:58- (@v0rtex) this is BS. .com gets a girl TM and we get flami

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