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Friday, October 18th 2013, 3:38pm

Board Rules

Board Rules

Welcome to the Board Rules. Here on the Board we have a rating of PG-13. This means parents are strongly cautioned that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

All Offenses against the rules of the Forum (the following general rules and the special rules for the sub-forums) may lead to a warning. The Administrators of the forum have the right to ban accounts on the forum, maybe even in-game and on IRC in some cases. The interpretation of the rules is up to the board team.

§1 Accounts and language

The Board language is English, and English only. No other language is to be used in the forum, including signatures, avatars, etc.

Every user may register, and use only one account. Users are not permitted to share board accounts. Multiple registrations are not allowed. This will lead to a permanent ban of all accounts.

If two or more users access the boards from the same IP address, Board Administrator should be contacted via Ticket System

Posting for a banned user is not allowed without prior permission being granted from BA. Exemptions will be made for posting war hits, but not for discussion.

§2 Attitude on the Forums

Posting of contents & links of pornographic, political, religious, immoral and/or offensive material are forbidden. This also includes signatures and avatars as they are part of the post.

It is not allowed to post keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez".

It is not allowed to post private conversations without the consent of all the other parties. This includes but not limited to (Board PM, E-Mail, IRC, MSN or In-Game PM)

It is not allowed to post advertisements or links to non-GameForge browser games and forums, including the SpamBoard.
Mug links are only allowed in signatures on this board.
Only mug links of games from GameForge are allowed!

Spam is defined as any sentence, phrase or word that does not belong to the topic and/or does not contribute information that can help other users regarding the topic.

The term spam on these forums applies to (but is not limited to):
  • Posts which contain three words or less. (Emoticons are not words).
  • Posts which are outside the scope of the original post (also referred to as “off topic” posts).
  • Posthunting is defined as posting just to get a higher post count. This will result in a warning or in extreme cases, a direct ban. Posting twice within the allowable time to re-edit the original post is considered Posthunting.
  • Double posting (posting after your own post) is only allowed if you have an important update that needs to be added. If you are able to edit your post, which is possible within 200 minutes after posting, you are not allowed to post twice in a row.
  • Spamming of emoticons and images is not allowed due to them being a nuisance if overused. Emoticons will be limited to 10 per post, and no more than 3 of any one particular emoticon.

SPAM is not allowed and may lead to a warning. The only exception of this is the Spamboard.

Impersonation of a staff member (name, avatar, signature) may lead to an immediate and permanent ban from the Board, possibly the Game and IRC.
“Backseat Modding" - Posting quotes of the rules alone, or posts telling other users that they need to follow the rules is not allowed.

Flaming is an out right, normal insult. Trolling is a more subtle approach to aggravating another user through attacks on their personal character (Not game character). Traditional swear words, as well as insults about appearance or a users personal life would fall under Flaming. Comments about another user that are more detailed and insult their life outside of the game would be Trolling.

Reposting of a thread or topic of discussion that was already closed is not allowed. If you feel a topic warrants further discussion for any reason, discuss it with the moderator who closed the thread.

Discussion of in-game and forum bans is not allowed. Requests to get unbanned are still only handled via the Ticket System.

It is not allowed to post in CAPS (capital letters) or a Font Size larger than 18.

§3 Notes

The Team reserves the right to change rules if it becomes necessary. Changes will be announced.

The use of these forums is a privilege not a right. In some cases board based offences can lead to in-game and (or) IRC bans.

Administrators reserve the right to do what they think is best for the forums. Board team

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