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Monday, February 15th 2016, 12:13am

International game ideas

Market idea
so we now there are players who love to use the market have buyers be able to sell scrolls etc. so why not have a server market ( so if you want to sell an item to someone in your server thats not in your guild) keep the guild market for obvious reasons. Then make an international market (all communities combined one super market) so those food sellers come back and so it really helps sell other things to

Arena idea

seems players like kimbus is bored with the game only saying this because i saw his last post which i dont blame him. so make an international arena as well and if you cant do that do somthing like .us servers will be able to attack players from .mx .it and .fr you know stuff like that and change it up every week to so different comunities can fight all the time

Merged server idea
merge server 9,16,17 this is long overdue gameforge your killing players by not doing this. that will bring back players actiity and competition and keep it also keep making new servers (yes this sounds weird but hear me out) new servers when they first come out bring lots of activity money to gameforge and allows guilds to grow very easy. and yes servers usally die out after a year so why not after a year and like 6 months actually merge them with what will be the great server 9 if you merged all servers so competition keeps on and keeps on coming!



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Thursday, February 18th 2016, 1:51am

Great Ideas

All 3 of these ideas would be great and beneficial to high level glads and overall activity to the game of Gladiatus themselves. It would be nice if Gameforge were to see this post and the programmers could make this happen. Ideas like these are what would bring the game back to life. :thumbup:


Thursday, February 18th 2016, 1:35pm

well brasky my belief is its up to us to make this happen we just need enoughf support and honestly i have such great ideas for the game i feel like it would literally bring this game back. my request to you brasky is that you post in your guild the link and lets see if we can get some support!

take away limitation idea

well this idea is pretty much take away restrictions in one of the latest post i saw a level 22 beat the dungeon boss pyro i belive or somthing like that. he was 20+ levels above the glad that is amazing bud! so gameforge if glads can obviously be doing stuff like that why restrict somebody?? if you feel this help a glad grow in a certain way instead of saying avaliable at level 30, say recomended at level 30

new area idea

well gameforge you lied to our bigger guys about the underworld dungeon and honestly i dont know if its as good as it sounds. but personally what i would like to see for our bigger glads is something like a whole new area. we have italy, africa, and germania, couple ideas add an area maybe called thrace, espania, maybe even gaul or all 3 so glads can continue to grow at a good rate even at there levels! note if the 3 is to much jut add one to me that sounds more interesting then 1 dungeon.

more events

gameforge why dont you see the events is what brings people to play your game. you dont need an actual holiday to add somthing. even if the event was like 30% off time for dungeons and experditions etc i would be happy or maybe somthing new like this friday there will be a special 10% percent off training agility!


Monday, February 22nd 2016, 11:42pm

any other glads want to help and support this thread?


Tuesday, February 23rd 2016, 2:38am

Unfortunately it won't do any good.

I appreciate you wanting to make the game better, but it is falling on deaf ears.

Nobody here can do anything about it and gameforge isn't interested in what we think.


Saturday, February 27th 2016, 4:43am

sorry for my late reply usally dont play much on week days

thx for appreciating the thread kimbussSlicus. my thoughts are if people put there mind to it we can get this thread to go somewhere as long as it is liked by enoughf people. well besides that what are your thought exactly on it KimbussSlicus about my suggestion are they good, bad need improvment?

Lets see if we can get more support (or even comments) i would appreciate if people would pot there thoughts


Monday, February 29th 2016, 1:50am

It won't work and this is why.

The people that we talk to here can't do anything. The absolute best that you can hope for is that it is forwarded up the ladder if they actually get around to it. The other problem is that IF it gets to the top of the ladder, nobody is listening.

There have been threads and petitions here for years and I don't believe that I have ever seen one get a result that the players asked for.

Your ideas are good, but they will go nowhere unfortunately.


Tuesday, March 1st 2016, 5:58am

LOL!!! Everyone thinks this is a great game except GF.....they just want us to buy rubies....If you can find - anywhere - any feedback from GF on ANY game that they are involved with, let me know. They build pretty good games, but are only looking for $$$$, they could make sooooo much more if they would listen to their player - hey in case they happen to check this post - you are too late here.....what a jewel of a game and I am flabbergasted on the wasted potential of this game. Maybe it is just me and the 20,000 other guys on the worlds server.....


Wednesday, March 2nd 2016, 4:21am

well von your right but again please tell me what you think of my ideas? with that aside your right gameforge only cares about money money money. and if i remember correctly bitefight from the greek server had some sort of problem but i cant remember exactly on why but they protested the hellstons. So if we had enoughf support get to everyone i mean everyone every player individually even. if we could get enoughf support and hurt gameforges wallet i mean no one buys rubys untill they start listning to us we might be able to pull somthing big off. gameforge is ruining our game completly by adding things that makes us buy and use money but they dont understand there losing players fast.

we could use our go's to help us and contact them if we could pull this off


Wednesday, March 16th 2016, 8:41am

I like the ideas but will have to say the old the game is losing all of its players is technically not true. Yes the game is losing alot of older players that have been around a very long time that is fact but many of us that has been around a while know that this happens and its always will happened. But ive been watching many servers on .US as well as .com and there are still many many new accounts started daily. Most everyone knows that the lower levels is where most buy the most rubies . Ive seen for years the highest people on the servers wage complaints and its always been the same thing. They eventually leave and someone else takes their spot. Its a cycle thats been around for ever and more than likely will continue. The highers complaine about no competition buy yet we merge servers and they all run together and get into the same guilds Theres many reasons why this happens but for most its because they are not use to defeat so instinct tells them to join with someone who can beat them. Those who can beat them just want their guild to be as untouchable as possible as far as their rank so they except them. Adding new things to the game will make it easier to have something else to do granted. but if GF really wants to shake up the Gladiatus world take all honor off all lists of glads that have been away for longer than 90 days. Then see how fast these high guilds remove the inactives and you will actually see how active the server is. It would ve the same concept as the highscores list when someone goes inactive for a period of time they vanish off the list until they log back in . Only active players stats will be counted for anything .On some server i see guilds ranking in the top 5 with 0 members not sure actually how that works . Thats my 2 pennies but to think were going to break GF bank is simply not true nor will it ever be it they do start losing money in this game i assure you they will shut down before faster than you would receive the message You were outbid on the auction item "Thinking we will let you break us".

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