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Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, 10:15pm

Underworld update

This durability/workbench update will make at least half the people quit.
Seriously, did you have to make mercs loose durability from dungeons also
They even loose dura from the opponent missing? Comon!
Why not make us have to give our mercs food after every battle also?

You need to get rid of that or this game will die. Not a suggestion, a statement of fact.
:thumbdown: X( -censored- :censored: :cursing:

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Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, 11:01pm

Ya i kinda agree so far . But to be fair i need to try it for a bit first . It does seem like a lot of extra work repairing stuff
also forging goods are needed if i remember quickly , what effect will that have on the market ? will it increase it or kill it ?
Because people might hold on to those forging items to constantly repair stuff on the go
also seems a little clumsy with scrolling around now -

It always amazes me that they make all these changes all the time
what people want and would bring the game back again

No Soul bound
No forced exp
Better and more Dungeons ( ok we got underworld ) but how long did it take to get that folks
Auctions that actually have gear i can use ( even Von would agree with me and he goes out of his way not to most times )
More countries to travel to
And game staff that are fair don't ban out of spite and that don't help their buddies cheat ( don't get Pissy i am talking all time )

all this repairing gear will eat into your farming for gold time i think


Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, 11:27pm

Yes, no forced exp and more dungeons might get me playing again but then again, it's nice to walk away for a year or 2. Still 3 weeks of vacation before I bother to login again.


Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, 11:43pm

This game is going no where we have heard everyone say the same thing before many times . If too many people in .US quit they will just merge with a foreign server set I play in many different worlds and they pay to play big time. From the sounds of it no one wants to actually play but sell goods and be able to train with out experience. For what? What does a low level highly trained glad have to offer a fully active progressing guild ? We heard these same things when they bunked the opie gear and started giving people experience .. If i get unwanted exp ill quit.. Your killing the market etc but your still playing.
Repairing gear will be simple enough and if your in a actual active guild you dont buy from the auctions you and your mates forge their own.. Im not trying to step on anyones toes but The time for squatting vendors and pot swappers are over .


Wednesday, May 4th 2016, 1:01am

When I started playing in 2008, it was because it was free. If I wanted to play with my wallet, I rather gamble.


Wednesday, May 4th 2016, 1:23pm

Not sure what game your playing but this game is still free. Sounds more like your not into a challenge , Many just want to be low level do the min and get all the rewards. Ive never been much of a squatter it doesn't take much skill to be a vendor for 8 years have high stats and own a arena . Lucky for most the GO doesn't actually look at everyone removing their weapons swapping pots which from what ive read was against the rules. Then how many have totally abused the forging goods sales etc Your playing the victim when the victims are actually the ones who pay and keep this game going so people like you can complain every time something happens they dont like.. Sounds alot like the Great United States those who do the less expect the mosts and feel entitled. Have fun if all else fails candy crush is still free .. :shit:
This update has a few flaws I will agree. The new message system is a disaster unless you work in a folder and have messages send by other people you have a hard time trying to figure out whats a guild mail and what is a PM. Gear repair is so far simply done and easy to keep up if you start right away conditioning. I would like to see a list of the new suffix as depending on the server depends on what gear comes into auctions frequently or not. Not sure what happened but PAPA and ZAG are now easy to beat but that may be a bug. All in all its ok adds abit of challenge to what was is a game that is more of a way to pass time than for acquiring greatness.. But no matter what they do were still going to have the ;( . -sparta-


Thursday, May 5th 2016, 12:29am

people leaving

speed server,
i'm gm of the #1 guild on the server, however a ton of players are leaving because of this update

people who are not spending a bunch of money to be centurions cant keep up with the requirements of keeping their gear repaired + the time that solely goes into it

myself personally am very annoyed with the rework, seeing as how for near a year i built a character with tons of charisma... now overnight my character is severely crippled

i have 300 more charisma than people who are still double hitting higher than I am. many are leaving, some already have, and i'm unsure how much more i can deal with quite honestly


God of Hockey

  • "Roger-Ceasar" is male

Posts: 506

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Thursday, May 5th 2016, 3:15am

You nailed on the Head dude . whos got the time for all that extra work
Just seems like a extra way to get rubies outta folks . a big fail once again


Thursday, May 5th 2016, 5:47pm

We understand the concept of the new formula! Its not about that, it makes no sense.

Who hasnt spent all their time and effort training charisma purposely because the double hit factor?
Now everyone has to buy or make new gear then upgrade it for Intel then our other stats go down because the items are still the same. So your gonna have a lucius shield with intel? I think not cuz when you do that, what stat isnt there?
On top of that, now we need to spend more gold to get what already trained charisma for.
I can train intel, but I dont see any good of this unless they rework prefixes and suffixes for intel. Plain and simple

Why do this? Who thought this was a good idea? Maybe they should put some intel on their helmets when they did.


Thursday, May 5th 2016, 11:26pm

Ive ran out all expo and dungeon points in the process ran a few quests in the arenas and my gear hasn't deplenished hardly at all.. The use of one work clothes which now have a purpose to work as a black smith 6 hours later fully restored and some conditioning . This is at lvl 88 I have lowers doing the same thing and its working perfectly .. The reason this update will not work for anyone is they dont want it to. EVERYONE is having a Intel issue right now . I actually would use a luci shield with intel DO you even know what stats a luci shield has? If you did you would know that is very well a option..

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