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Game Zagrash


Sunday, October 16th 2016, 4:27am


So what's up with this boss Zagrash? I've been on and off on this game. Never made it to this boss, I'm finally back and for good lol XD.

Anyway, I've heard many stories about this boss, how he was the end game boss, but recently been downgraded to a level 78 dungeon! However, I noticed he somewhat unbeatable at level 78-80.. Why is that? I've gotten somewhat close like taken 6k hp from his 12k healthpool.. but that's it.. not even some level 85's I know could beat him, or they barely do..

I've also heard the devs basically messed up on him, and that the lowest level to ever beat him was 83 ever since Zagrash' downgrade..

Anyway, my point is: Is there anyway to beat him at level 78-80? Or is Zagrash really just broken? If so, are the devs gonna fix him? One of my buddies said you devs didn't want to fix him anytime soon, but just add more content.. I don't know,I feel like they should just fix it already! >.< I love this game, been playing for 10 years now.. I want to complete EVERY aspect of it, it's sad knowing I have to skip him because it's just impossible to beat the dungeon, at level 78 I beat Shetu Bin Seth and Frank N Stein already!!

Does anyone have suggestions/tips? Has anyone beat him at level 78/79 ?

Here is my gladiator


Sunday, October 16th 2016, 2:04pm

Honestly, I did beat him at level 78, twice if I recall correcty ..
It was a tough one, but a little hint could help you do it, I beleive its even easier now that double hit formula had been changed, and yes I did beat him before all that ..

I suggest you try as hard as you can to raise your merc's dex and charisma, also over all damage should be around 380-390 min, i did beat it at the level with the help of temporary grindstones and some buffs ..

also these days its extremely easy to get items at your level at the smithy @ orange quality .. after dropping the level of all smith resources to level 2, all players can obtain any resources at the desired quality .. that makes things even easier .. if I go back in levels to level 78 again I wouldn't have the same trouble I had back then ..